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Real Estate Law
1.Detached Home or Condo Purchase
Considering buying a Condominium, Townhomel or a Detached home? Here is what Iven K.S. Tse can do for you.
2. Other Real Estate Services
Transfering title for estate or family reasons? Refinancing your mortgage or leveraging the equity in your house? Selling your house on your own? Need security for your personal loan? Nervous about hiring a contractor to build your house? Here is how Iven K.s. Tse can help make managing your real estate a breeze.
3. Checklist for Home Purchase
Insist on having a realtor represent you on your purchase as much as you can, separate from the listing realtor so as to ensure there is no conflict of interest.
Family and Estate Law
Separating from your spouse and unsure about your rights and entitlements regarding spousal support, child support, custody, access and guardianship over the children, or property division? Getting married or planning on cohabiting with a romantic partner and worried about the entitlement of the other partner to claim support or division of your assets? Iven K.S. Tse has been providing practical and effective legal advice to couples facing these issues during the course of their relationship with understanding, compassion, and expertise. Whether the solution is in drafting a separation agreement, preparing a pre-nuptial agreement, processing a divorce claim, or consulting with both parties about their concerns, Iven K.S. Tse can help.



Corporate & Commercial Law

If you find yourself in any of these situations, consider consulting Iven K.S. Tse for his advice on any of these issues:

* Thinking of starting up or buying a business?
* Wondering if you need to incorporate a company or not?
* Negotiating a lease with a potential tenant or landlord?
* Anxious about the credit risk of a potential tenant or partner?
* Need an enforceable agreement and extra security for your personal loan?
* Considering expanding your business by taking on a partner or shareholder, or franchising?
Checklist for Business Purchase
1. Consider whether you will buy the shares of the company that owns the business, or just the assets of the business, as both routes have different advantages, disadvantages, and considerations
Additional Services
Family and Estates Law
Family Questionnaire
Power of Attorney

Media update

What steps should a potential lender consider when lending, and how does the foreclosure process work? How much time is a borrower allowed before a lending can foreclose on a property? These questions and more are presented by Iven Tse in this segment, with questions from the audience regarding the operation of joint tenancy in real estate, taxation of property being transferred before and during probate, and enforcement of claims after a division of family assets.

Immigration Law
Contemplating immigrating to Canada, or sponsoring a loved one such as a spouse, a same-sex partner, or parents? Wanting to work in Canada or study at one of Canada’s educational institutions? Refused entry to Canada by an overseas immigration officer? Persecuted by governments or state agents abroad?